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Full Color! 1.4" / 2" / 3" / 4.4" / 7" high text. Multi-color. ASCII Protocol Included. Optional Ethernet Gateway device available (ED3600). Dimensions: 39.9"L x 10.7"H x 3.25"D The EDV111-32128-IND-RGB is a ready-to-run indoor message sign board. Using 5mm Super bright tri-color LEDS, it can store up to 100 messages or a total length of characters not to exceed 7000. Ideal to display production numbers, employee messages and lean manufacturing data. Quantity Discounts! ASK FOR A DEMO UNIT!
  • PLC Interface - Sample AOI's Provided
  • Optional EIP Gateway Device (ED3600)
  • EthernetIP Ready (ED3600 Gateway Required)
  • Profinet Ready (ED3600 Gateway Required)
  • Dimensions: 39.7"L x 10.7"H x 3.25"D
  • 32 Rows x 128 Columns
  • Bright, Full-Color Display w/ ASCII Protocol To Incorporate Into Existing Software
  • 15 Foot, RS232 Data Cable
  • 12 Foot, 120VAC Power Plug
  • Mounting Brackets
SKU: PLC Controlled


Products specifications
Enclosure Size 39.7"L x 10.7"H x 3.25"D
Number of Rows One
Number of Rows Two
Number of Rows Three
Number of Rows Four
Colors Full Color
Options NEMA4 or Stainless Steel
Characters 10
Characters 16
Characters 20
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