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Providing Quality LED Display Products for Over 30 Years

Electronic Displays, Inc. designs, manufacturers, and markets a wide variety of products which utilize Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to display alphabetical and numeric information. Our product line includes Electronic Message Signs, Industrial & Lean Scoreboards, LED Counters, Timers, and similar display products.

From large LED counters to timers to production scoreboards, these digital displays will automate your information gathering processes. Realize immediate improvements in productivity and cost savings.

Our goal is to be the low-priced supplier in each of the markets in which we operate. We have been in the electronic display industry for over 30 years—and, with over one million LED display products in the marketplace, we believe we have sold more units than any similar vendor.

Introducing our new LED 8" up counter. Big, bright red digits can be seen more than 375 feet away. Two momentary customer supplied contacts required: advance by "1" / reset to "0".
Truck Docking LED Systems -Monday, May 23, 2016
Introducing a new product designed for the trucking and freight companies...
We are looking for Distributors for our wide variety of LED Display Products.
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