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Efficiency or Difference Scoreboard (*Please specify when ordering*). 3 Lines of information. 2.25" High Numbers. Photo-Eye and IR Remote Included. Production scoreboard visual management tool for all production areas measuring production performance verses target real time. This lean board allows leadership and support personnel to monitor production progress hour by hour and identify issues from distance for abnormality and production downtime losses from a distance. Great visual management tool for production cell support personnel.
  • Standalone, Plug-n-Run Display
  • Bright 2.25" High LED Display.
  • Includes Photo-Eye and IR remote for Programming
  • 3 Lines of Numeric Text
  • Bright Lettering (White, Vinyl)
  • Mounting Brackets


Production scoreboard visual management tool with takt countdown timer for all production areas measuring performance. This lean board allows leadership and support personnel to monitor production progress hour by hour and the takt countdown function also helps production employees have an awareness of where the stand as they compare their standard work progress to the takt countdown. This board is self contained and ready for use requiring little maintenance support to install.

In our experience these displays can improve productivity by a minimum of 5% immediately after installation. 

Product Information:

  • 2.25 inch high numeric display.

  • Viewing distance up to 90-100 feet.  

  • Four digits on all lines.

  • All Text will be done in fixed white vinyl lettering.

  • The actual line can be fed from a signal from a machine (5 to 24VDC).  Included photo-eye can be used to increment the Actual line on the display.  Photo-eye includes a reflector and cable to mount to a conveyor to count parts or machine to detect machine cycles.

  • IR remote to program the top line "GOAL"

  • Approximate Dimensions: 23.5”L x 16”H x 2.5”D

  • Power Requirements: 120 VAC / 60 HZ ; 4 ft. line cord provided 

Physical Specifications:

  • Designed to be installed and viewed indoors
  • Operating Environment:  32 to 120 degress F / 0 to 95% humidity
  • UL listed power supply
  • NEMA 1 Rated
  • Enclosure color/material:  Black extruded aluminum
  • Mounting method:  two wall hanging mounting brackets provided 

Scoreboard Operation - Using the IR remote, the user enters a goal from the remote. The display shows an incrementing value based on the 2 values. Example: User enters 1000 for the goal and 0800 (8 Hrs) for the shift.   The goal display will increment periodically throughout the shift showing how many parts should be produced. At the end of 8 hours, it will show 1000.  

The actual line is fed by a photo eye(included).  This photo eye can be mounted to detect product movement or machine cycles as each unit is completed.  If a different method of triggering the display is desired, the input will accept a 5VDC – 24VDC or a dry contact closure for operation.  

The bottom line will internally calculate the efficiency or difference between the top two lines. 

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