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Custom Designed ANDON Systems for any industrial application. An Andon is a visual and audible response notification tool (Jidoka), which is comprised of various combinations of lights and sounds. When production personnel have any issue on the floor, they simply turn on the Andon to signal for help. Once the system is turned on, the lights and sounds alert the support personnel who can quickly address the problem. An Andon promotes visual factory and serves two goals. First, it enables the production personnel to remain at their workstation when they have an issue. Second, it reduces response time and more efficiently gets the support personnel to the line where they are needed to get the line back up and running.
  • Configurable using numeric, alphanumeric marquees and light block (bingo boards)
  • Incandescent or LED lighting in three colors (red / green / amber)
  • Inputs include PLC's / Discreet / RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet 10 Base T / DeviceNet
  • Horn / Music Outputs
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