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This up/ down timer in MM:SS will time down until it reaches "00:00" setting off an audible output (buzzer and on/off switch included). An IR remote controller will preset the display and control the timers run/hold. A stack light will activate for three seconds when the display reaches "00:00".
  • Bright 2.25" High LED Display with Four Digits
  • IR Remote Included to Preset and Run/ Hold the Display.
  • Timer in MM:SS format will up or down-time by one second.
  • A buzzer and stack light will activate for 3 seconds when the display reaches "00:00".
  • Mounting Brackets
SKU: EDV206-104-4D-N1-Stack
Delivery date: 1-2 days


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Dimensions: 17.75" L x 5.375 H x 1" D. This model will display real-time information to your employees or customers. The display will up time OR down time in MM SS. Included with the display is a control box with all the switches required to preset/reset, start and stop. A terminal block inside the unit allows for a customer-supplied contact closure to be wired to control the display.
  • Bright 4.0" High LED Display with Four Digits w/ Keypad (20 ft. of Cable Included)
  • Up-timer will time or down by one second. Preset option to time from a number.
  • Terminal Block to Wire in Two Customer Supplied Contacts (Count / Reset)
  • Two Mounting Brackets
  • Control Box w/ 20 Feet of Cable
  • PC Software Provided to Communicate with a PC
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