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USB Communication Device

USB device to communicate to all EDV SERIES message signs.
  • USB device to communicate to all EDV SERIES message signs.
SKU: EDV3150: $35.95


EDV3150 - USB Communication Device ........  $ 35.95            


Monitor Your Line Status, Anywhere, Anytime 

This USB device allows communication to our Serial LED signage from a USB port on your PC.  

  • Bi Directional Data Transmission
    • 45" Data Cable  / 9-Pin Sub-D to USB Port Crossover Connector
    • Data Gathering in Real-Time
    • Data Base Storage for Future Use
    • Create Status Reports
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2.1" high text. Multi-color. IR remote. Display up to 13 characters at one time. 7 Rows / 80 Columns Ethernet available. Dimensions: 26.2"L x 3.8"H x 3.25"D. The EDV111-780-MC is a ready-to-run indoor moving message sign board. Using 5mm Super bright tri-color LEDS, it can store up to 100 messages or a total length of characters not to exceed 7000. Ideal for retail outlets or POP locations. Create your own animation and logos. Multi-color message centers let you specify red, green and yellow characters or any combination of these to get you message across. Ideal to promote your business, safety messages, employee messages and more.
  • Dimensions: 26.2"L x 3.8"H x 3.25"D
  • 7 Rows x 80 Columns
  • Bright, Multi-Color Display w/ IR Remote and Batteries
  • Windows-Based Software
  • 15 Foot, RS232 Data Cable
  • 12 Foot, 120VAC Power Plug
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Complete Instructions
  • Factory Service One-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • Unlimited Technical Phone Support
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