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Keep Your Customers Informed and Safe. These super bright moving message signs are designed to be seen from a window. PC software and handheld IR Remote Included. 2" or 4" high text. Semi-outdoor. GREEN or RED TEXT. Dimensions: 40"L x 6"H x 3.25"D
  • Dimensions: 40""L x 6"H x 3.25"D
  • 16 Rows x 128 Columns
  • SUPER-BRIGHT, Red LED Display
  • 15 Foot, RS232 Data Cable
  • 12 Foot, 120VAC Power Plug
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Complete Instructions
  • Factory Service One-Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • IR Remote w/ Batteries / PC Software
SKU: COVID 19 Signs





The EDV111-16128-SO-R is a ready-to-run indoor moving message sign board designed to be seen in a window. The cabinet length is 40" long and 6" high. Using 5mm Super-bright red LEDS, it can store up to 100 messages or a total length of characters not to exceed 7000. Ideal for retail outlets or POP locations. Create your own animation and logos.

These SUPER-BRIGHT red message centers let you specify the size of your characters in many combinations to get you message across. Ideal to promote your business, safety messages, employee messages and more.Each display comes with PC-based software and an IR remote to create and transmit your perfect message!

Ideal to promote your business, safety messages, employee messages and more. 



  • Bright RED color for semi-outdoor applications
  • 9 Fonts Available Including WIDE and BOLD
  • Up to 16 Display Modes Several message moving speeds
    • slide modes
    • cover modes
    • roll modes  
    • shutter modes
    • special effect modes
    • AUTO display randomly selects one of the available display modes
    • SCROLL display mode of large continuous messages
    • ROTATE display mode for rotating of a continuous message
  • Pause periods from 0 to 60 seconds
  • 3 kinds of audible beeps during text display
  • Special international characters
  • Time and date formats
  • Maximum 250 text files and maximum 250 graphic files
  • Text memory: 16k Bytes
  • Schedule tasks - enable by week, month and year 
  • RS232 serial interface. Baud rates: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/28800
  • Password security



Electrical Specifications
Power Source 120VAC @ 60Hz.
Power Consumption Max. 15 Watts - All LEDS On
Current Draw Typical 800 mA - All LEDS On
Power Cord Length 12 Foot Business Plug


Physical Specifications
Indoor / Outdoor Designed to be installed and viewed indoor
Operating Environment    32 to 120 Degrees (0 to 49 Degress C) / 0 to 95% Humidity
Dimensions 40"L x 6"H x 3.5"D
Weight Approx. 18 Lbs.
Number of Digits See Chart Above
Character Height 1.4" / 2.0" / 4.75"High
Viewing Distance Up to 200 Feet Away
LED Color / Acrylic Face See Above Chart
LED Intensity 1000 MCD Super-Bright Red Discrete LEDS
Power Supply Yes
Enclosure Color / Material Black Extruded Aluminum
Enclosure NEMA Rating NEMA 1 Rated / NEMA12 Optional
Mounting Method Two Mounting Brackets Included for Hanging / Wall Mount
Limited Warranty One-Year Factory Service


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