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Now you can incorporate these LED message signs into any lean manufacturing environment by using the standard ASCII Protocol provided. Plug-n-Play technology! EIP and Profinet Compatible 2" or 4.75" high text. Multi-color. ASCII Protocol Included. Optional Ethernet Gateway device available (ED3600). Dimensions: 26"L x 6.5"H x 3.5"D Quantity Discounts! ASK FOR A DEMO UNIT!
  • PLC Interface - Sample AOI's Provided. Works with A/B Studio 5000.
  • Optional EIP Gateway Device (ED3600)
  • EthernetIP Ready (ED3600 Gateway Required)
  • Profinet Ready (ED3600 Gateway Required)
  • Single or Double Lines of Text
  • Dimensions: 26"L x 6"H x 3.25"D
  • 16 Rows X 80 Columns
  • Bright, MultiColor Display w/ ASCII Protocol To Incorporate Into Existing Software
  • 15 Foot, RS232 Data Cable
  • 12 Foot, 120VAC Power Plug
  • Mounting Brackets
SKU: EDV111-1680-IND
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Communication Options

1) Ethernet IP - Sample Add On Instructions Provided. At this time only Allen Bradley CompactLogix and ControlLogix PLC CPUs that use RS Logix 5000 software are supported. Sample projects can be downloaded from the Electronic Displays, Inc. website. Allen Bradley Micrologix, SLC500 or PLC5 PLC CPUs are NOT supported using RS Logix 500 software. Please refer to the ASCII protocol manual for examples. Typically, you will need to connect the serial port from the PLC directly to the LED sign using the DF1 channel 0 port with these types of PLCs.

Add-on instructions provided are used to make ladder logic based programming very easy. These set of AOIs can be imported into your project and reused in ladder flow.   


2) Ethernet Interface
All EDI models are available with high speed Ethernet TCP/IP communication interface in addition to RS232 and RS422/485 communication ports. This interface allows the marquee to reside on a 10/100 Mbps TCP/IP network (10 Base/100 Base T Ethernet) via an RJ45 port. Use Ethernet models for easy networking of the EDI marquees with 100 meters being the maximum distance between two nodes. For distances greater than 100 meters repeaters can be used to extend the distance between any two nodes.




Electrical Specifications
Power Source 120VAC @ 60Hz.
Power Consumption Max. 25 Watts - All LEDS On
Current Draw Typical 900 mA
Power Cord Length 12 Foot Business Plug


Physical Specifications
Indoor / Outdoor Designed to be installed and viewed indoor
Operating Environment    32 to 120 Degrees (0 to 49 Degress C) / 0 to 95% Humidity
Dimensions 26"L x 6.5"H x 3.5"D
Weight Approx. 18 Lbs.
Number of Digits See Above Chart
Character Height See Above Chart
Viewing Distance See Above Chart
LED Color / Acrylic Face See Above Chart
LED Intensity 10 MCD Multi-Color Digits
Power Supply Yes
Enclosure Color / Material Black Extruded Aluminum
Enclosure NEMA Rating NEMA 1 Rated / NEMA12 Optional
Mounting Method Two Mounting Brackets Included for Hanging / Wall Mount
Limited Warranty One-Year Factory Service


Products specifications
Enclosure Size 26"L x 6"H x 3.25"D
Number of Rows One
Number of Rows Two
Options NEMA4 or Stainless Steel
Characters 8
Colors Tri Color
Characters 13
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